Pasta Garofalo - Short Pasta

Short Pasta

A collection of iconic and timeless shapes, enriched with Neapolitan specialities.
Thanks to its ability to absorb sauces and impeccable cooking resistance, Garofalo Short Pasta is synonymous with haute cuisine, with every recipe.

Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta

The classic pasta dough, made unique thanks to the constant research of Garofalo's master pasta makers. Our durum wheat semolina pasta offers all the fullness of tradition, enhanced by the choice of superior wheat and an extraordinary taste to boot.

N° 66-6 Boccole

Pasta Garofalo - N° 66-6  Boccole Discover

N° 50 Cappelletti

Pasta Garofalo - N° 50  Cappelletti Discover

N° 88 Casarecce

Pasta Garofalo - N° 88  Casarecce Discover

N° 34 Elicoidali

Pasta Garofalo - N° 34  Elicoidali Discover

N° 78 Farfalle

Pasta Garofalo - N° 78  Farfalle Discover

N° 63 Fusilli

Pasta Garofalo - N° 63  Fusilli Discover

N° 64 Fusilli Bucati Corti

Pasta Garofalo - N° 64 Fusilli Bucati Corti Discover

N° 65 Gemelli

Pasta Garofalo - N° 65  Gemelli Discover

N° 36 Gnocchi Sardi

Pasta Garofalo - N° 36  Gnocchi Sardi Discover

N° 90 Lumaca Rigata

Pasta Garofalo - N° 90 Lumaca Rigata Discover

N° 79 Mafalda Corta

Pasta Garofalo - N° 79  Mafalda Corta Discover

N° 32 Mezze Maniche Rigate

Pasta Garofalo - N° 32  Mezze Maniche Rigate Discover

N° 82 Pasta Mista

Pasta Garofalo - N° 82  Pasta Mista Discover

N° 72 Penne Mezzani Lisce

Pasta Garofalo - N° 72  Penne Mezzani Lisce Discover

N° 69 Penne Ziti Lisce

Pasta Garofalo - N° 69  Penne Ziti Lisce Discover

N° 70 Penne Ziti Rigate

Pasta Garofalo - N° 70  Penne Ziti Rigate Discover

N° 68 Penne Zitoni

Pasta Garofalo - N° 68  Penne Zitoni Discover

N° 76 Pennoni

Pasta Garofalo - N° 76  Pennoni Discover

N° 77 Pennoni Rigati

Pasta Garofalo - N° 77 Pennoni Rigati Discover

N° 87 Radiatori

Pasta Garofalo - N° 87  Radiatori Discover

N° 35 Rigatoni

Pasta Garofalo - N° 35  Rigatoni Discover

N° 31 Ruote

Pasta Garofalo - N° 31  Ruote Discover

N° 57 Sigarette Ziti

Pasta Garofalo - N° 57  Sigarette Ziti Discover

Pasta, Pulses and Grains

Pulses and ancient and precious grains give rise to pasta rich in proteins, also suitable for coeliacs. Amaranth, sorghum, teff, buckwheat, corn, chickpeas and lentils: some ingredients seem to be made to be together. The shapes of Pasta Garofalo Pulses and Grains are capable of surprising you with the first bite.

Fusilli Pulses and Grains

Pasta Garofalo -  Fusilli Pulses and Grains Discover

Mafalda Pulses and Grains

Pasta Garofalo -  Mafalda Pulses and Grains Discover

Pennoni Pulses and Grains

Pasta Garofalo -  Pennoni Pulses and Grains Discover

Radiatori Pulses and Grains

Pasta Garofalo -  Radiatori Pulses and Grains Discover

Organic Pasta

Garofalo's organic line: top-quality pasta produced with the best organic durum wheat semolina, to bring the taste of natural goodness to the table.

N° 88 Organic Casarecce

Pasta Garofalo - N° 88  Organic Casarecce Discover

Organic Fusilli

Pasta Garofalo -  Organic Fusilli Discover

Organic Penne Rigate

Pasta Garofalo -  Organic Penne Rigate Discover