Mafalda Pulses and Grains

Pasta, Pulses and Grains Short Pasta
Pasta Garofalo - Mafalda Pulses and Grains
  • Cooking Time

    8 minutes

  • Weight

    400 g

  • Line

    Pulses and Grains

  • Category

    Short pasta

  • Drawing

    Bronze drawn

  • Surface


  • Length

    30 mm

Thoughts and inspirations

The curled edges and flat central part create an ideal combination of textures.
The strong flavour of Garofalo Mafalda Pulses and Grains and their excellent cooking properties enhance full-bodied sauces.

How Garofalo Is Made

We take nothing for granted when processing our pasta.
Each step, each process draws on both ancient experiences and recent discoveries, as well as on an original interpretation of taste.
The passion for our work translates into an indefatigable quest for perfection.

How Garofalo Is Made


Corn flour (45%),
yellow lentil flour (18%),
teff flour (16%),
chickpea flour (7%),
buckwheat flour (6%),
sorghum flour (5%),
amaranth flour (2%),
stabiliser: E471


It may contain SOY and MUSTARD

Nutrition facts
per 100g

  • Energy1517 kJ / 358 Kcal
  • Fat
    of which saturated
    2,9 g
    0,4 g
  • Carbohydrates
    of which sugars
    69 g
    1,3 g
  • Fibre3,8 g
  • Protein6,8 g
  • Salt<0,01 g
  • Iron3,4 mg
  • Magnesium105 mg
  • Potassium511 mg
  • Vitamin B10,25 mg


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