Pasta Garofalo - Special Shapes

Special Shapes

Precious shapes for bringing traditional dishes or unique Garofalo brand specialities to the table. Very high-quality pasta perfect for celebrating special occasions or ideal for satisfying that desire for tasty recipes that enrich everyday cooking.

Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta

The classic pasta dough, made unique thanks to the constant research of Garofalo's master pasta makers. Our durum wheat semolina pasta offers all the fullness of tradition, enhanced by the choice of superior wheat and an extraordinary taste to boot.

N° 20-2 Calamarata

Pasta Garofalo - N° 20-2  Calamarata Discover

N° 3-3 Candele Bronzo

Pasta Garofalo - N° 3-3  Candele Bronzo Discover

N° 8-46 Cannelloni

Pasta Garofalo - N° 8-46  Cannelloni Discover

N° 2-88 Conchiglioni

Pasta Garofalo - N° 2-88  Conchiglioni Discover

N° 8-46 Farfalle tricolore

Pasta Garofalo - N° 8-46  Farfalle tricolore Discover

N° 12-5 Fusilli Lunghi

Pasta Garofalo - N° 12-5  Fusilli Lunghi Discover

N° 8-46 Fusilli Primavera

Pasta Garofalo - N° 8-46  Fusilli Primavera Discover

N° 4-62 Fusillone

Pasta Garofalo - N° 4-62  Fusillone Discover

N° 8-30 Gigantoni

Pasta Garofalo - N° 8-30  Gigantoni Discover

N° 3-64 Lasagna Liscia

Pasta Garofalo - N° 3-64  Lasagna Liscia Discover

N° 48-2 Lumaconi

Pasta Garofalo - N° 48-2 Lumaconi Discover

N° 10-1 Mafalde

Pasta Garofalo - N° 10-1  Mafalde Discover

N° 5-14 Orecchiette

Pasta Garofalo - N° 5-14 Orecchiette Discover

N° 1-35 Pappardelle Nido

Pasta Garofalo - N° 1-35  Pappardelle Nido Discover

N° 83-1 Schiaffoni

Pasta Garofalo - N° 83-1  Schiaffoni Discover

N° 8-25 Spaghetti Lunghi

Pasta Garofalo - N° 8-25  Spaghetti Lunghi Discover

N° 40-3 Spaghetti alla chitarra

Pasta Garofalo - N° 40-3  Spaghetti alla chitarra Discover

N° 90-2 Tagliatelle Primavera

Pasta Garofalo - N° 90-2  Tagliatelle Primavera Discover

N° 90-2 Tagliatelle nido

Pasta Garofalo - N° 90-2  Tagliatelle nido Discover

N° 1-57 Tagliolini Nido

Pasta Garofalo - N° 1-57  Tagliolini Nido Discover

N° 4-15 Ziti

Pasta Garofalo - N° 4-15  Ziti Discover

Organic Whole Durum Wheat Semolina

All the benefits of natural fibre and its nutritional properties, while respecting the full taste of excellent pasta. Garofalo's organic whole wheat pastas are a surprise even for the most demanding palates and beautifully pair with a wide variety of sauces, from those with red meat to vegetable sauces.

Whole Wheat Pappardelle

Pasta Garofalo -  Whole Wheat Pappardelle Discover

Gluten Free Pasta

The unmistakable goodness of Pasta Garofalo, for every palate. With our gluten free shapes processed to guarantee excellence and perfect cooking resistance, no one will have to forgo the pleasure of a quality pasta dish.

Gluten Free Fusillone

Pasta Garofalo -  Gluten Free Fusillone Discover

Gluten Free Lasagna

Pasta Garofalo -  Gluten Free Lasagna Discover

Gluten Free Potato Gnocchi

Pasta Garofalo -  Gluten Free Potato Gnocchi Discover