Pasta Garofalo - Organic Pasta

Organic Pasta

Garofalo’s organic line: top-quality pasta produced with the best organic durum wheat semolina, to bring the taste of natural goodness to the table.

Long Pasta

Long pasta created to perfection following the classic Gragnano pasta making methods, with special attention to the porosity and resistance of Pasta Garofalo. Discover our delicious shapes perfect for every type of sauce.

Organic Spaghetti

Pasta Garofalo -  Organic Spaghetti Discover

Short Pasta

A collection of iconic and timeless shapes, enriched with Neapolitan specialities. Thanks to its ability to absorb sauces and impeccable cooking resistance, Garofalo Short Pasta is synonymous with haute cuisine, with every recipe.

N° 88 Organic Casarecce

Pasta Garofalo - N° 88  Organic Casarecce Discover

Organic Fusilli

Pasta Garofalo -  Organic Fusilli Discover

Organic Gemelli

Pasta Garofalo -  Organic Gemelli Discover

Organic Penne Rigate

Pasta Garofalo -  Organic Penne Rigate Discover