Where does Garofalo make it?

We've told you all about our production process.
Now we're happy to show you it in full, with the kind of transparency that has always made us stand out: our pasta factory, based in Gragnano.

Start the Virtual Tour and discover every room in the Pastificio Lucio Garofalo pasta factory step by step, watching each stage of each type of pasta being created.
From the arrival of wheat to the packaging being prepared, we give you a 360° view of the places where our pasta is made, thanks to an experience that has been added to over time and the passion of staff that improve and strengthen the Gragnese tradition each day.

The doors are open, come on in!

Click on the icons to access the pasta factory's different areas so you can move through the Virtual Tour.

An inside look.


Already know about our production process?
If you want to learn more, we’ll tell you all about it at How does Garofalo make it?. Visit our website!
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