Garofalo joins the cinema

Garofalo joins the cinema

We showed how taste is important even for children in Solo un padre by Luca Lucini, how good we are in Commediasexi by Alessandro D’Alatri, how we love bringing Italian goodness and taste around the world in Lezioni di Volo by Francesca Archibugi, how in love we are with where we were born in Ci sta un francese, un inglese e un napoletano, and how we were at the time of Napoleon, in N – Io e Napoleone by Paolo Virzì. We showed how quality can even bring peace in La cura del Gorilla, how a beautiful dinner can be a poignant and beautiful memory in Saturno Contro by Ferzan Ozpetek or how it can be tremendously fun in Mi fido di te. We hopped onto Notturno Bus; we were alongside Riccardo Scamarcio in Colpo d’Occhio by Sergio Rubini. We were the first to sign an agreement with Cinecittà Holding – Istituto Luce, first to sign a debut film by an emerging director, and we collaborated with Gianni Canova’s Cinema Course at IULM to make a feature film similar to a general film exam for those students who want to work in cinema. If you ask us why we invested and why we continue to invest in film, we’ll give the same answer as always: because we like it. We like to think that we have a beautiful story to tell, but we know that there are other more beautiful stories than ours that deserve to be told. And we like to think that thanks to us, those stories have been told quite well. In return we asked to be told within these stories; some call it product placement, we call it flying. Because if Italian films are the most beautiful acrobatic aeroplanes in the world, we have had the good fortune to sit alongside the pilots. Obviously, as is our nature, we have begun to like it and now we try to help them soar alone, those fascinating machines called films. We co-produced Alchimia del Gusto with FOX, a short film by Edo Tagliavini with Alessandro Preziosi. They were our first solitary flight tests. Then we entirely produced Questione di gusti by Pappi Corsicato, with Ennio Fantastichini and Iaia Forte. For our third short film Garofalo chose Valeria Golino, awarded with the Nastro d’Argento for this directorial debut, for the first time behind the camera for “Armandino e il Madre”: a love story set among the beatiful rooms of a contemporary art museum in the historic centre of Naples. Lastly The Wholly Family written and directed by Terry Gilliam and Caserta Palace Dream by James McTigue, his latest short film. These short films, and others that are ready to take off, speak of us in some way, of how we always seek taste and its balance in everything we do: even if we like to fly, as pasta makers we know that our mission is to offer you the best pasta possible. Eat it, and fly with us.

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