Pasta Garofalo - Soup Cuts

Soup Cuts

Processed to guarantee excellence, Pasta Garofalo pastina is a versatile shape that is ideal for broths and soups, but also surprisingly good with sauce.

Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta

The classic pasta dough, made unique thanks to the constant research of Garofalo's master pasta makers. Our durum wheat semolina pasta offers all the fullness of tradition, enhanced by the choice of superior wheat and an extraordinary taste to boot.

N° 22 Capellini Spezzati

Pasta Garofalo - N° 22  Capellini Spezzati Discover

N° 52 Ditali

Pasta Garofalo - N° 52  Ditali Discover

N° 23 Farfalline

Pasta Garofalo - N° 23  Farfalline Discover

N° 56 Lumachine

Pasta Garofalo - N° 56  Lumachine Discover

N° 26 Orzo

Pasta Garofalo - N° 26  Orzo Discover

N° 21 Pepe Bucato

Pasta Garofalo - N° 21  Pepe Bucato Discover

N° 24 Stelline

Pasta Garofalo - N° 24  Stelline Discover

Gluten Free Pasta

The unmistakable goodness of Pasta Garofalo, for every palate. With our gluten free shapes processed to guarantee excellence and perfect cooking resistance, no one will have to forgo the pleasure of a quality pasta dish.

Gluten Free Anellini

Pasta Garofalo -  Gluten Free Anellini Discover