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Tomato products

The ideal pairings for our pasta shapes.
Garofalo Tomato sauces are an explosion of sweetness thanks to the selection of the best fresh Italian tomatoes and a careful and strict processing to preserve the integrity and flavour of the raw ingredients.
Every drop of condiment brings vivacity and taste to the table: all the rich and fruity flavour of a Mediterranean first course that reminds you of summer. Perfect for a vegetarian diet.
Pasta Garofalo tomato sauces are the perfect solution for preparing excellent dishes with minimal effort.


The best fresh and ripe Italian tomatoes are processed by Garofalo to create healthy, velvety and pulpy conserves without preservatives or artificial flavours.

Cherry Tomatoes

Pasta Garofalo -  Cherry Tomatoes Discover

Diced Tomatoes

Pasta Garofalo -  Diced Tomatoes Discover

Peeled Tomatoes

Pasta Garofalo -  Peeled Tomatoes Discover

Sieved Tomatoes

Pasta Garofalo -  Sieved Tomatoes Discover