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Pasta Garofalo - Sieved Tomatoes

Thoughts and inspirations

Garofalo Sieved Tomatoes are made with 100% fresh Italian tomatoes and are therefore a must-have ingredient in the pantry, with every drop of condiment releasing the rich and sunny flavour of Italian tradition.
Just add fresh basil or chilli pepper to give the sauce a spicy note.

How Garofalo Is Made

We take nothing for granted when processing our pasta.
Each step, each process draws on both ancient experiences and recent discoveries, as well as on an original interpretation of taste.
The passion for our work translates into an indefatigable quest for perfection.

How Garofalo Is Made


Sieved tomatoes,
acidity regulator: citric acid (E330)

Nutrition facts
per 100g

  • Calories per 1/2 Cup (125 ml)30 kcal
  • Fat
    of which saturated
    0,5 g
  • Carbohydrates 6 g
  • Fibres1 g
  • Sugars5 g
  • Protein1,8 g
  • Salt0 mg

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