Pasta Garofalo is the pasta of rowing champions

Pasta Garofalo is the pasta of rowing champions

ROME, 27 May 2019 – The water of Gragnano has perfect mineral compositions and is used in the dough to make Pasta Garofalo, known and appreciated throughout the world. Water is also the natural element, the cleanest possible, on which the long, streamlined white boats of Cantieri Filippi slide, pushed by the rowing champions who train and nourish themselves with the extraordinary Pasta Garofalo. Important values and stories are told on the tables of Italians and many countries of the world – in 1789 Pasta Garofalo was established – and on the waters of rivers, lakes and basins around the world – in 1888 the Italian Rowing Federation (FIC) was established – for the great success of industrial and sports Made in Italy.

Garofalo and FIC are two solid realities, therefore, that from the start of the four-year period are linked by a partnership and by the sharing of values summarised by the clearly visible logo on the men’s national uniforms. An image that travels the world on the uniforms of all the blue national teams, contributing and supporting the activity of our champions. To do this, Pasta Garofalo feeds the teams during the long winter training sessions, as well as during all their meetings. In short, a commitment that sees the Gragnano Company use cutting-edge technologies to transform the best semolina into the best possible pasta, just like the Italian team and the whole Federation, who use Pasta Garofalo together with the most advanced technologies in both materials and training systems to achieve the best possible results.

During their centuries-long history of experience and experimentation, Pasta Garofalo and the Italian Rowing Federation have learned that artisan intelligence for the production of Pasta, and the intuition of techniques for rowing, have allowed the two industrial and sports realities to develop the technology with which to control, monitor and implement every phase of pasta production and crew preparation to achieve the highest possible goals with tenacity and effectiveness. With this awareness and with these possibilities, Rowing and Pasta Garofalo are projected into the future to produce the best pasta and achieve the most prestigious results.

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