Spaghettoni Gragnanesi XXL awarded at the 2019 Brands Awards

Spaghettoni Gragnanesi XXL is the real protagonist of the 2019 Brands Awards.

Awarded as Best New Entry at the 20th edition of the initiative organised by GDOWEEK and MARK UP in collaboration with EldomTrade by AE, and based on data provided by IRI and GFK, it rewards the best annual “”performance”” of brands with goods for large distribution. With a diameter of 2.5 mm, Garofalo’s Spaghettoni XXL are the thickest spaghetti ever made, guaranteeing a rich taste and full consistency. And that’s not all: it is made with Pasta di Gragnano PGI pasta and bronze drawn. This results in a rough surface that “”attracts”” and holds condiments.
Considering its size, the cooking time is clearly a bit longer: around fifteen minutes. The product is sold in the classic 500 gram package and enriches the already wide range of Pasta di Garofalo.

The Brands Award is based on objective selection criteria (IRI and GFK sales data) and two further levels of judgment: that of consumers and that of buyers.
The winners therefore come from three rankings which, weighted equally, indicate the category winners and the overall winner.
This ranking differs for the New Entry category. A session is inserted on the web which is dedicated to products launched at large distribution retail stores the first five months of the year which are not competing for the Brands Award, and the most-voted product wins. The winners of each category are awarded, as well as the overall winner.

4 July 2019

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