Pasta Garofalo brings Unforketable to Youtube

From today all Niko Romito video recipes will be available online for free.

Unforketable, the digital video project created by Pasta Garofalo and Niko Romito, reaches YouTube free of charge to give all fans of good food the chance to try their hand at a real cooking class with the suggestions of the starred chef.
Founded in 2015, Unforketable is the first video encyclopaedia of taste designed to disseminate Italian culinary traditions by renewing them according to Niko Romito’s vision.
Preparations that focus on the ingredients to enhance them and make them protagonists through the exaltation of flavours, thereby achieving a focus on taste.
Conceived in a premium version on the website www.unforketable.com and on smartphone apps, the video recipes will be accessible to everyone for free from today.

A first selection is already available on the new Unforketable Youtube channel and in the coming months it will be enriched with other recipes that represent the foundations of Italy’s gastronomic culture handed down from generation to generation.
Simple gestures, passion, knowledge, technique and the virtuous touch of Niko Romito. For everyone from today on.

Gragnano, 16 April 2019

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