Welcome to the Garofalo Grand Tour

Welcome to the Garofalo Grand Tour

A taste tingling journey around the UK, meeting some of the best artisan producers in the country, exploring how Garofalo’s passion for creating exceptional quality Italian pasta perfectly pairs with each producer’s own desire to develop best-in-class products.

Watch the full series below to find out just how much care and attention goes into producing the food we eat every day. Each episode covers a cornerstone of what makes Garofalo pasta the best in the world – from innovation & attention to detail at cheese-maker Carron Lodge, sustainability and care for the land at organic farmer Helen Browning’s, and heritage & tradition at wholesale fishery, Ocean Fish.

If these films have inspired you to take your own culinary Grand Tour in the kitchen, why not try creating the recipes yourself? Simply follow the links to buy your pasta or find the full instructions on how to bring the dishes to life at home.

Buon appetito!

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