Davide De Simone

Davide De Simone

An Introduction to Pasta Garofalo ambassador, Davide de Simone!

Rising star of the London Italian food scene, Davide De Simone, is Pasta Garofalo’s newest ambassador.

Davide is the executive chef at the three Cacciari’s restaurants in London. His food philosophy is to find the balance between innovation and tradition.

Born in Palermo, a city, which he describes as a playground for creativity, “Italians are artists when it comes to manipulating ingredients that are usually considered staples for the poor”. Many of the nation’s most loved dishes come from the concept of la cucina povera, the food of the poor. “The poor couldn’t afford to throw anything away, so they invented and developed methods of conservation.”

Travelling around Italy gave Davide important insight into the world of cooking. At the age of 26 he moved to London and eight years later he is still there, “If it wasn’t for London, I wouldn’t have this desire to push forward.”

As an Italian Chef, Davide works with quality ingredients. Whether simple or elaborate, the construction of his recipes must include good quality food, which is why the collaboration with Pasta Garofalo is the perfect combination. Davide has created many dishes for Garofalo taking the simplicity of premium Italian pasta and transforming it into spectacular dishes.

Head to the link here to try some of Davide’s Pasta Garofalo recipes for yourself.

Quotes included are by Davide De Simone in an interview he gave to La Notizia in October 2020.

Try Davide's recipes here

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