Napolicious. A special journey among Italian landscapes and tastes.

Napolicious. A special journey among Italian landscapes and tastes.

We want you to get to know and appreciate Italy, and we want to offer you the opportunity of taking a journey with us. A journey in images, but also in aromas, tastes and colors.

Our journey is embodied in a collection of postcards, a series of unique artworks made by the Italian artist Caterina Arciprete. Thanks to her artistic touch and style, diverse Italian landscapes come together in a single pictorial continuum.
The journey symbolically starts with the profile of wheat heads and touches iconic Italian landscapes, before finding its natural conclusion in a dish of pasta.
Placed side by side, all the postcards create a single drawing.
Moreover, each postcard is linked to 2 different local Italian dishes, as made by the food blogger  and food photographer Beatrice Pilotto. Are you ready to embark on this journey?
Browse the gallery to discover this unique collection of Italian landscapes and the local food from each area following the matching recipes.
You’ll travel with us amongst art, food and beauty and you will be saying: “This is #myTasteofItaly”.

Caterina Arciprete is an Italian artist combining photography, drawing/painting and writing.
She studied and taught at the IED of Rome. She has published art books with Arte’m, Electa, Skira and others, and has been featured in various exhibitions and solo show, abroad and in Italy. Since 2013 she collaborates with the international platform BIN. Her last art project is GATE. It’s an exhibition and an artbook about a unique landscape, about the planet. Solo show at the DOMA museum and the international airport of Naples, Italy.

Discover the unique postcards collection by the Italian artist Caterina Arciprete.

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